How NAD+ Infusions Can Help You

What is NAD+?

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a vital coenzyme for the human body, since it is involved in hundreds of metabolic activities. It is the consequence of the body’s conversion of nicotinamide riboside, an alternate form of Vitamin B3, commonly known as niacin.

NAD + has a vital role in metabolism because it converts nutrients into energy, but it also acts as an aid molecule for proteins in regulating cellular activities. It aids in the repair of damaged DNA, resets the body’s circadian rhythm, and enhances the defensive mechanisms of the cells.

However, the amount of NAD + declines with age. As we age, our bodies heal more slowly and react more slowly to changes. Fatigue overwhelms us, motivation wanes, and our eyesight begins to blur.

Low NAD + levels cause sleep difficulties, metabolic or cardiovascular issues, and even cognitive impairment. Blood vessel inflammation, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, insulin resistance (which prevents cells from effectively eliminating glucose from the blood), and metabolic syndrome can all occur. Low levels of the coenzyme NAD+ also cause fatigue and a decrease in muscular strength.

Specific benefits of NAD+ infusions

  • It causes a rise in dopamine in Parkinson’s disease patients. Improvements have also been made in motor capability, walking, posture, and speaking, as well as cognitive and emotional functioning.
  • It is effective in 93 percent of individuals suffering from depression. This is due to the fact that NAD+ causes an increase in the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. It may also be concluded that NAD+ can replenish brain energy levels by aiding in the synthesis of the ATP cellular energy molecule.
  • It slows the course of Alzheimer’s disease in patients, even reversing some of its effects by alleviating cognitive and behavioral issues. A rise in dopamine/noradrenaline-related brain activity has also been seen.
  • Athletes’ performance has improved while keeping a high degree of mental awareness. Athletes lose mental capacity and, indirectly, coordination as a result of continuous exertion. NAD+ corrects this issue, resulting in improved athletic performance.
  • NAD+ infusions have improved energy levels in patients with low energy levels, such as the elderly or those with chronic fatigue syndrome.

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