NAD+ stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It is a critical coenzyme found in every cell in your body and involved in hundreds of metabolic processes like cellular energy and mitochondrial health. This emerging nutrient IV therapy is a holistic, all-natural solution for those suffering from chronic diseases, addictions, and age-related health issues; and can boost overall wellness in healthy individuals.

NAD+ therapy has benefits for everyone. It can be a helpful treatment for those feeling sluggish, have depression or anxiety, mental fog, signs of dementia or autoimmune disorders. NAD+ can benefit people experiencing low energy levels, chronic fatigue syndrome and slow metabolism. It can also be used by athletes to improve their performance or college students to focus during final exams.

Research is also being conducted on NAD+ IV as a form of addiction therapy, and studies are showing promising results. NAD+ is not a cure for any form of addiction, but studies have shown it can aid in healing the brain on the cellular level, giving individuals a better chance at long term recovery. Experts have also noted the ability of NAD+ to reduce cravings and minimize withdrawal symptoms.

Mental Clarity Boost (NAD+)


This NAD+ treatment replenishes the supply of neurotransmitters, improves cognitive functioning, combats brain fog and repairs cells throughout the body.

Recommendation: two times consecutively the first week and two consecutive infusions week two, then once or twice per month for maintenance as needed to maintain results.

Infusion time: 4 hours (When booking please book appointment time before 1:00pm)

PACKAGE PRICE (4 sessions): $1900 ($100 OFF)

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Anxiety/Depression Recovery (NAD+/Ketamine Combo)

Packages Available (see below)

NAD levels are depleted when facing anxiety and depression – this NAD/Ketamine Combo treatment plan resets the brain, repairs the damaged DNA and mitochondria, relieves anxiety symptoms and thus revitalizes the body & mind.

We have shown a combination of three NAD+ infusions, followed by our six infusion Ketamine Series to be superior to Ketamine alone in treating patients with high anxiety as their primary concern.

Infusion times: 4 hours for NAD+ (When booking NAD+, please book appointment time before 1:00pm), 40 minutes for Ketamine infusions.

Recommendation: Three consecutive four hour NAD+ infusions, followed by six 40 minute Ketamine infusions scheduled over 2-3 weeks.

NAD+ Infusion Costs: $500 each
Ketamine Infusion Costs: $500 each

Package Price (9 infusions): $3500.00 ($1000 discount when purchased as a package). Buy 7 infusions, get the final two infusions FREE!

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Premiere Anti-Aging (NAD+)


Scientists have found that by increasing NAD levels in the body, signs of aging may be reduced and even reversed. This NAD treatment plan replenishes and repairs DNA, protects brain cells from damage, reduces inflammation, & turns on enzymes that help prevent aging.

Infusion time: 2 hours

Recommendation: two times per week for two weeks, then weekly for two weeks, then as needed (typically once per week or every other week for maximum anti-aging benefits). Each infusion takes approximately two hours.

Package Price (4 infusions): $950.00 ($50 Discount)
Maintenance Boosts: $250

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Ultimate Performance Boost (NAD+)


For the ultimate competitor. IV infusion of NAD+ is gaining popularity among athletes due to the observed mitochondria ATP production that follows.

Improvements in endurance, strength, stamina and athletic performance have been observed.

Recommendation: 2 hour infusion, 48 hours prior to competition.

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Addiction/Cravings Recovery (NAD+)

Cost Per Day Varies (see below)

NAD+ infusions, along with an approved addiction therapy program has shown to lessen the effects of withdrawal, reduce cravings and increase the chances of long term success.

Recommendation: 5 Consecutive Infusions (up to 10), then once per month or as needed. Infusions times vary between 4 to 8 hours depending on dose.

Infusion times and Cost per Infusion:
Day 1: 8 hours – ($1000)
Day 2: 6 hours – ($750)
Day 3: 4 hours -($500)
Day 4: 4 hours – ($500)
Day 5: 4 hours – ($500)

PACKAGE PRICE (5 sessions): $3000 ($250 discount)
Boosters: $500

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