Patricia H.

I’ve been coming to QCKC for almost a year. The care is exceptional and I have complete faith in Tara and her team. The staff will do anything they can to make a patient experience better. No matter what I have needed, they have done. I highly recommend this clinic.


Fantastic group of people. Highly recommend to anyone who needs this type of assistance.

Patricia H.

Tara and her staff are incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate. Every phone call is answered or returned promptly, every need addressed with patience. I’ve had anxiety and depression for many years, and have never had the experience that I have at QCKC. In the past, there’s always some component of shame or tentativeness when seeing medical providers-not so with Tara and her staff. Recovery is not an overnight process, I’m learning through personal struggle, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Small at first, but it’s growing, and I have QCKC to thank for being a large part of it.

Rachel L.

Wonderful experience with Tara. Her care was compassionate and top quality. The attention to detail, safety measures, and care I received here far surpassed any other infusion clinic I’ve been to in the past. Highly recommend!

Jon F.

I received a nutritional therapy to help with lingering fatigue after recovering from covid 19. I’ve seen improvement in my activity level and alertness as a result. Grateful to be getting back to normal a very long month of recovery from the illness.

Patricia H.

The staff is very kind and understanding. It’s truly okay to be yourself and not feel judged by anyone at QCKC. I have a long history of major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. The depression is reducing slowly but surely. The anxiety is a bit tougher, and can be scary during the infusion. The nurses do everything possible to make you comfortable and at ease. There is no concern I’ve had that they haven’t addressed. I will be returning for booster infusions because I believe it helps more than anything I’ve ever tried.

Tom B.

Very educating experience. So nice and Compassionare.

Clark R.

Tara, was so easy to talk to, she not only asked plenty of questions but then took the time to explain the reasons behind some of the questions and why they were needed, she also took the time to make sure my questions were answered and I fully understood the process. She also came very highly recommend by someone I trust with my life.

Sandi B.

The staff was very pleasant and informative. The facility clean with a warm atmosphere.

Josette M.

Awesome staff, very caring and friendly.

Mary S.

Tara is compassionate, caring, she helps you to feel comfortable at all times. She works hard to find out what will work best for you. She takes the time to listen in a nonjudgemental caring manner. She then does her very best to make sure your time with her is very safe feeling, very comfortable, and she tends to your needs and helps you through the experience. She is a compassionate intelligent professional and she really cares about you as a person. Thank you Tara!

Gregg L.

I have had the pleasure to be a client of Tara and her staff for 6 Ketamine infusions for treating clinical depression. First, Tara and her staff are professional, and very knowledgeable about Ketamine itself. They will answer any/all questions you have about the procedure. The office is immaculate. Very comfortable setting, complete with a oversized reclining chair (that massages) soft music, and comfort lighting in the individual treatment room. Tara is very involved and will follow up after each treatment to get feedback and ensure there are no side effects. I feel she truly is concerned about you, and how well the treatment is working. She also has a daily mood tracker, that is a simple text to score your mood. Most important, I have struggled with depression for 30+ years. I was considered “treatment resistant “ So, I went to the QCKC on the advise of my Dr. who simply thought Ketamine would be the only option for me, as 15-20 medications over 30 years, giving them 8-10 weeks to “kick in “ then upping the dosage……on and on, did not work for me. Personally, Ketamine has been a blessing. I actually feel good, and I will try to explain. In the past, my mind would go to dark places and I would be consumed with dark thoughts. I couldn’t break that pattern. With Ketamine, it’s like my mind wants to go back to those dark places, but it somehow, automatically stops, and I DO NOT WANDER INTO DEPRESSIVE STATES. I still work hard on my mental health, eat well, visit a psychologist weekly, exercise, etc. but I am not saddled by daily life crippling depression every waking hour of my day. For me, I am so happy I found Tara and the QC Clinic. I know statistically it works for 80%? Of folks who try it, but based on my results so far, I would definitely recommend Tara and the Quad City Ketamine Clinic if you are considering this procedure.

Jonathan M.

Staff is very friendly and professional. I’ll definitely be going back.