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What is PTSD

Posttraumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a psychiatric disorder which may occur in individuals who have undergone or have been exposed to a traumatic experience. These can include but are not limited to natural disasters, illnesses, serious accidents, war and combat, rape, or any other form of personal assault.

PTSD has long been known to the medical community. Referred to in the past as shellshock, or war fatigue, it&rsquo s only in the past couple decades has the medical community addressed the seriousness of PTSD and the effects it may have on patients and their families.

Individuals with PTSD often have intense, unnerving thoughts and/or feelings in relation to the experience that was traumatic, long after the experience has ended. Sufferers of PTSD often have nightmares, flashbacks, and strong reactions to small triggers that remind them of the offending experience.

Symptoms of PTSD fall within four categories:

  • Intrusive Thoughts
  • Avoiding Reminders
  • Negative Thoughts and Feelings
  • Arousal and Reactive Symptoms
  • How is PTSD Treated?

    Conventional therapies for PTSD involve a combination of psychotherapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy, and medications like SSRI&rsquo s and NSRI&rsquo s. While many patients do manage well of these therapies, still, many patients do not feel adequate relief from conventional therapies and are left wishing for more options.

    Luckily, a new treatment has recently been gaining notoriety among the medical community for its quick and effective therapy for PTSD.

    Low-dose ketamine infusion has proven in recent years to effectively soothe the symptoms of PTSD in as little as a single 45-minute infusion. Beneficial long term effects have also been observed in patients who continue ketamine infusions at regular intervals as specified by their ketamine infusion healthcare professional.

    At Quad Cities Ketamine Clinic, we are fully licensed and trained to manage your PTSD using this highly effective treatment.

    What Is Ketamine?

    Used daily in hospitals as an anesthetic, ketamine has begun to undergo numerous clinical trials to determine its efficacy in treating PTSD. The results are still new, but they look increasingly promising!

    Ketamine works differently than conventional pain medications. By binding directly in the brain and spinal cord by with the NMDA receptor, ketamine works to inhibit the PTSD symptoms at the root of the problem the nerve root, that is.

    Ketamine clinics are beginning to open across the country as more and more patients realize the amazing benefits these infusions have. We are confident our ketamine clinic can provide you relief from your PTSD and give you back the life you deserve.

    What Does the Research Say?

    One double-blind study published in JAMA demonstrated that infusion of ketamine rapidly and significantly reduces symptom severity in patients with PTSD compared with midazolam, a common benzodiazepine.

    Another study published in the journal Pediatrics was of a case involving a child with PTSD. The study reported remission from behavioral dysregulation after receiving procedural ketamine infusion.

    The science is new, but these, and many other emerging studies, all point to the miraculous efficacy of low-dose ketamine infusions for the treatment of PTSD. If you or a loved one is suffering from PTSD, call or schedule an appointment online. Our staff at Quad Cities Ketamine Clinic would love to meet you and help determine if ketamine infusion therapy is right for you.

    Join the thousands of other patients trying ketamine infusion for the first time and experience all the benefits current research points towards when treating PTSD.

    What are the Side Effects?

    IV low-dose ketamine infusion is considered very safe among medical providers. The most common side effect is a feeling of disconnection from the environment around you. However, typically this feeling goes away soon after the treatment is over.

    Our providers are licensed to discuss the potential risks and benefits with you regarding low-dose ketamine infusion.

    Schedule Your Infusion Today!

    IV low-dose ketamine infusion is proven to provide long-lasting when administered in regular intervals for the treatment of PTSD. At Quad Cities Ketamine Clinic, we provide a calming spa-like atmosphere where you can safely relax while we the administer over the course of an hour. Call us today or visit us online at .

    Do not hesitate to start your new path down treating your PTSD. Quad Cities Ketamine Clinic is confident we can help you deal with whatever happened in your past and have you looking only towards a bright future.

    Author Tara Kinney, CRNA, APRN As a lifelong learner with over 10 years of experience working in the operating room, Ms. Kinney began to develop an appreciation for the many uses of ketamine and its applications in therapy. As an independent practitioner and owner-operator of Advantage Anesthesia, Ms. Kinney oversaw the care of countless surgical patients and developed a love for the state of Iowa and surrounding counties. It was while working and living in Bettendorf, Iowa that Ms. Kinney saw the need of the community for more holistic and comprehensive care of chronic pain and mood disorders. Ms. Kinney then attended the Ketamine Academy and joined the American Society of Ketamine Physicians, Psychotherapists, and Practitioners before opening Quad Cities Ketamine Clinic in February of 2020. In her free time, she is an avid volleyball player and state record skydiver. She has two children, loves to scuba dive and golf in tropical locations, and cares for numerous small animals rescued from the humane society.


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