Ketamine & Anxiety: What You Need to Know

General Anxiety Disorder vs Stress

One of the best ways to describe general anxiety disorder (GAD) is this:

&ldquo Anxiety is your mind placing stress into overdrive without your conscious control.&rdquo

In other words, GAD is a DISEASE, not a bad habit, or emotion. Anxiety is the brain’s response to a myriad of different conditions and external factors perceived as a threat by your body. Everyone experiences small amounts of normal anxiety every day. Yet in 6.1 million Americans, genetics, diet, and behaviors are among the many different factors which can cause the brain’s normal stress response to go haywire. It is important to remember, GAD is stress and anxiety you cannot control in the moment.

But don’t worry! (pun intended). We have great news for those suffering with GAD. Your condition is completely manageable, and even curable! Though you cannot simply resolve yourself to less anxiety we’ve already mentioned GAD is a disease. So, what you can do, is begin treatment options, make big life changes, and focus on getting control of your anxiety back. It does not happen overnight, until now!

Ketamine infusions are being used to treat patients with depression more and more each week. It might be news to some, but ketamine infusion is also proven to be extremely beneficial for patients with GAD.

A 2017 New Zealand study showed that patients with GAD or social anxiety disorder immediately saw marked improvements in their anxiety after receiving a weekly infusion for three weeks. They also saw the more weeks a patient received the therapy, the longer the infusions reduced symptoms.

This is a brand-new way to treat anxiety so more research is needed to find out exactly how well it works. What we do know, is ketamine infusions are a safe and effective way to treat your GAD and social anxiety.

How Does It Work?

That is a great question. The best answer available is, we aren’t sure. The leading theory proposes that by blocking the NMDA receptor in the brain, your brain is able to increase glutamate production, an integral chemical in the control of depression and anxiety.

This is a completely different action than normal first line treatment drugs for anxiety. Both SSRI’s and benzodiazepines function by blocking the GABAA receptor in the brain. We believe that ketamine’s different method of action is the reason it is exceptionally effective in record time.


How Many Will I Need?

This question is best discussed with our team here at the Quad Cities Ketamine Clinic. We recommend at least twice weekly infusions for a minimum of three weeks, though some patients may need many more to realize the full results of the infusions.

Depression and Anxiety: A Common Duet

Many patients, after experiencing anxiety, develop a new condition, or feel increased feelings of already existing depression. The struggles and hardships of dealing with anxiety can cause us to fear going out, avoid social settings, and perhaps even affect our ability to work and earn an income. It is completely understandable to feel angry, sad, and depressed when dealing with GAD.

Ketamine infusions might be the best treatment choice available on the market for you, today. Ketamine infusions can help fix both conditions, at the same time, almost immediately! Yes, the effects may eventually wear off, but the more infusions you receive, the longer and longer we see the effects last. By taking away your symptoms of both depression and anxiety, you can begin to make large advancements in the other more conventional treatments, leading to a cure of both conditions.

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